FAQ – Text & Talk



What is MFC?


MFC stands for MyFreeCalls which is the name of the website.


What is Text & Talk?


Text & Talk allows you to make cheap international calls from your mobile or landline with no need to set up an account. The service operates on a pre-pay basis and calls are made using the available credit.


How do I buy a call credit on Text & Talk?


Simply text MFC to 67400 for a £10 call credit

Simply text MFC to 80077 for a £5 call credit

Simply text MFC to 84459 for a £3 call credit

Simply text MFC to 80876 for a £1,5 call credit


The text message will cost you £10 or £5 or £3 or £1,5 (charged to you by your mobile provider) and a calling credit along with PIN and access numbers will be sent directly to your mobile phone.


Can I use my credit to call from any phone?


Yes, you can. If you decide to make a call from a phone other than the one you sent your text from, then you will have to use the PIN number supplied in the confirmation text.


How do I use Text & Talk?


Simply dial one of the access numbers included in the confirmation text message, listen to the message, if dialling from a different phone from that which you topped-up from, then use the PIN included in the welcome text, enter the full international number but do not press send/call button again. Then you will be connected.


Are there peak and off-peak rates?


No, the rates shown are available 24/7


Why do I need to press the # button?


Dialling # after the international number lets our system know that you have finished dialling, and will increase the speed of connection. If you forget to press # you will still be connected. Do not press the green button (or the dial button on your keypad) after dialling your international number.


Is there a maximum amount of top-ups that I am allowed in one day?


Yes, you cannot top-up with more than £20 in one day.


Is there any expiry date?


Yes, your calling credit will expire 90 days after the last top-up was made.



FAQ – Dial Now



What is Dial Now?


Dial Now is a cheap and easy way to make international calls from any UK landline. All you need to do is dial the access number for the country you want to call then and at the prompt dial your destination number.


How do I pay for Dial Now phone calls?


When you use Dial Now you will only be charged for calling one of our access numbers.


Can I use Dial Now access numbers from a mobile phone?


Yes, however you should be aware that your mobile operator may apply a surcharge.


Are there any subscription or registration fees?


No! Dial Now is immediately accessible from all landlines and mobiles without any subscription or registration fees. You can make cheap international long distance calls at any time.


Can I use Dial Now access number from a payphone?

Yes, however 08- and 09- numbers can be charged at a higher rate from payphones.



FAQ – e-Topup



What is e-Topup?


e-Topup allows you to make cheap international calls by buying your international call credit online via Paypal.


How do I top up?


You can buy calling credits via Paypal on the following page.

Once the payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation text on your mobile phone confirming that we have received your payment and that your mobile has been credited with the requested amount of credit.


How do I use this service?


Just dial our access number 0344 545 1200. After hearing the voice prompt enter the full destination number followed by the # key (e.g. 00 + country code + area code + number + #).

If dialling from a different phone from that which you topped up from, then use the PIN included in the welcome text, enter the full destination number followed by the # key. Do not press send or the call/green button again. That's it, you are connected!


Is there a maximum topup limit?


Yes, there is a maximum top-up limit of £100 per month.



FAQ – MFC Unlimited



What is MFC Unlimited?


MFC Unlimited is a subscription service that allows you to make as many international calls as you like for 30 days from your mobile for £10 a month.


How can I pay for the service?


You can either pay £10 via premium text message or subscribe through your PayPal account.


Where can I call using MFC Unlimited?


You can call to the following destinations: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil (Rio De Janeiro), Brazil (Sao Paolo), Canada, Canada mobile, China, China mobile, Colombia, Denmark, Cyprus (South), France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hong Kong mobile, Hungary, India, India mobile, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA, USA mobile.

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