Traveltalk SIM

The prepaid international roaming SIM card.
Traveltalk SIM is a pre pay SIM card that you slide into your mobile phone to slash your overseas mobile phone bill by up to 85%.
There is no contract, no annual or monthly fee and no hidden charges. SIM card prices start at just £25 which includes £20 call credit which, for example, is enough for almost 3 hours of mobile calls from the US to the UK.
Flexible and automatic top up.
You can choose to automatically top up your call credit when your credit drops below £3. This avoids you having to worry if you run out of credit in a remote location or one without internet access.
How does Traveltalk save you money?
Using a Traveltalk SIM card has been a great way of saving money on your overseas mobile phone bill while travelling internationally. You get free incoming calls in 61 popular countries and cut-price super saver out going call rates in 170+ countries.
You can use your Traveltalk SIM call credit from your mobile, hotel phone or any other landline too while abroad.
Traveltalk Dual SIM phone.
The Traveltalk SIM will only work in an unlocked handset. Ask your provider how to unlock your handset. Traveltalk can provide you with a handset that can carry two SIM cards – Traveltalk SIM for when you are away and your local provider SIM.

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KatGoto , Port Said

I have to admit the quality and rates are just excellent.
Tim , Sevenoaks

I really like your rates.
Teresa , Bristol